The Wild Pair


Wander the World with The Wild Pair

Ellen Barone and Judith Fein

They’re smart, sassy, savvy, award-winning travel journalists and photographers and now they’ve joined forces to become THE WILD PAIR.

With everything from preparing mentally for an adventure to diving in and tasting local food and debriefing when you get home, The Wild Pair helps travelers make the most of their adventures. The intrepid duo offers cutting-edge information and tips on how to turn a vacation into a life-enhancing experience.

The Wild Pair

Mix TSA regulations, a tanking economy, friends and family into travel plans, and getting away can feel more like stress than fun. Luckily, for those not ready to let their passports expire, there’s a place to turn for inspiration and information on almost any travel subject. The Wild Pair is about getting out there and experiencing our blue planet now. What adventure trip is high-octane-cool enough for your teen? What to do when the hardest part is going home? Is a recession any time to be thinking about taking a vacation? Fein and Barone are travel experts full of thoughtful advice to help your readers experience the thrill of seeing the world and get the most out of every trip.

The Wild Pair is unlike any other travel column. Fein and Barone do not offer superficial overviews of beaches, resorts and restaurants for readers to appreciate from afar. They deliver practical advice that readers can apply firsthand. The Wild Pair appeals to a broad traveler demographic, regardless of age. Backpackers, affluent Baby Boomers, solo travelers, newbies and seasoned globetrotters—they all look to The Wild Pair to inform and inspire their travel plans. Attract interest and increase traffic on travel and lifestyle Web sites by adding travel advice from The Wild Pair.

The Wild Pair, by Judith Fein and Ellen Barone, is available weekly, biweekly or monthly, 30 days in advance of release date. Photography, slideshows, audio and video available.

To bring The Wild Pair to your audience, contact us today.

  1. Congrats on a lovely resource for the traveller, from the nervousfirst-timer to the well-seasoned. Like your style!

    • Thanks Jane! Your kind words are very much appreciated.

      Ellen & Judie (aka The Wild Pair)

  2. Hi Judie–just found out about this website when you sent me an email which had it with your other
    2 websites.
    Hey are you going global with a gazillion sites
    on Google? :–)
    Inquiring minds want to know. . .
    Cheers to you & your colleague
    Panda aka Diane

  3. Hi Judie-

    I’ll be redundant on the above congrats. Looks great. Reads great. Really useful stuff.

    Best of luck.


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